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UK food writer, journalist and restaurant critic. Voted one of the top 50 UK food writers has now also started a home life and home style blog. With all the usual recipes and food related posts, Bexz now also incorporates home style, home planning and organisation and homesteading.

Bexz has written for publications and worked with brands such as The Daily Mail, Reuters, USAtoday, FoxNews, Marks & Spencer, The Walt Disney Company, Ideal Home Show, Natural & Organic Products Show, Natural Food Show, Lindt Chocolate, Doris & Co, NetMums, MumsNet, Prima Magazine, Bella Magazine and many more.

She loves to write about food, cook, review restaurants, in fact, anything food related and Bexz is there, but being at home with her family is her favourite time. Living in Kent with her family, she spends weekdays at home and most weekends in London, attending press events, home ideas and style events and reviewing restaurants for magazines and publications.

At home, Bexz loves anything natural, organic and, because her youngest daughter has Coeliac disease and is also lactose intolerant, finding the best ‘free from’ foods that are not only good for you but taste delicious.

Bexz also sings, can play a multitude of musical instruments and writes her own music. She often listens to music whilst she is blogging or cooking and can be found dancing in her kitchen whilst baking cakes.

Although Bexz loves ‘going back to nature’ she is also quite the geek. As the ‘Tech’ girl and one forth of the founding members at Niche Brands, she adores her ‘day job’ and also playing the MMORPG game World of Warcraft since 2004, Bexz is an avid girly gamer.

The Home Mistress is a new blog however across all her blogs and social media accounts Bexz has over 60,000 combined social media followers and receives 12000+ unique visitors per month and over 500,000 blog hits a month.

Want to work with Bexz? Then click here for all the info!

Whatever Bexz does, she always does with passion.

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